Tradipitant is a neurokinin-1 receptor (NK-1R) antagonist currently in clinical development for atopic dermatitis, gastroparesis and motion sickness. Tradipitant was licensed by Vanda from Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) in 2012.

Neurokinin-1 Receptor and Substance P

The NK-1R is expressed in several tissues of the body, mainly associated with the nervous system. Substance P (SP) and NK-1R are thought to regulate neurogenic inflammation and the pain perception pathway through the central nervous system. Other tissues, including endothelial cells and immune cells, also express NK-1R and could be considered to be targets for NK-1R antagonists1.

The activation of NK-1R by the natural ligand SP is thought to be involved in the perception of pain, behavioral stress response, cravings and nausea and vomiting signaling1,2,3. Abnormal over-expression or over-activation of the NK-1R, either in the central nervous system or peripherally, could result in pathological conditions such as pruritus, nausea/vomiting, substance dependence and anxiety1,2,3,4.

A NK-1R antagonist may possess the ability to reduce the over-stimulation of the NK-1R, and as a result address the underlying pathophysiology of the symptoms in these conditions. NK-1R antagonists are currently approved for postoperative and chemotherapy induced nausea.


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